This event was held in 2019.

Dumb Type New Project Work In Progress 2019

Dumb Type is an artist group formed by the members of different backgrounds in 1984. Based in Kyoto, they present cross-genre multimedia art in and outside of Japan. Dumb Type discloses part of its production process towards the new work project, which will be the most recent one after Voyage published in 2002.

Date and Hours
3.24 (Sun) 15:00~
ROHM Theatre Kyoto, South Hall
Target audience
Open to all above the elementary school age(Elementary school pupil must be accompanied by an adult.)
Advance ticket / door ticket: 1,000 yen (door ticket is sold on the venue.)
Purchasing procedure
Advance tickets sold out; purchase of door tickets will be announced later.
Application period
3.1 (Fri)~3.20 (Wed)
300 (schedule)
Babysitting service available 1,000 yen.
Please apply by March 16 (Sat)For details, please contact ROHM Theatre Kyoto.