Art × Science IN Kyoto City ZooWhat do chimpanzees feel in arts ?

In response to the latest developments with COVID-19, we have made the following change to this program. Although we regret for the change, the safety and wellbeing of our audience, performers, and all others are our priority.
Talk and Discussion is postponed. (New schedule: TBC)
*The experiment at Ape House will be conducted as scheduled (2020.3.21(Sat) ~3.29(Sun), closed on 3.23(Mon)).

Art × Science IN Kyoto City Zoo What do chimpanzees feel in arts ?Experiment using Eye Tracker in 2019

What is art to human? In this program, artists and scientists will work closely with human’s closest relative to humans, the chimpanzee, to explore this fundamental question.
This year, we will be using modern technology to create an interactive video work which changes in accordance with the movements of chimpanzees and visitors. The exhibition attempts to go beyond examining the effects of art on chimpanzee and human, and unprecedently challenges the communication between chimpanzee and human through art.

Dates and Hours
2020.3.21 (Sat)~ 3.29 (Sun) 9:20~15:00
*Closed on 3.23 (Mon)
We have changed the opening hours of the exhibition and experiment as a measure against further spreading of COVID-19.
Ape House Indoor Exhibition Room 3, Kyoto City Zoo
HITOOSA Kazuki (Artist)
YAMANASHI Yumi (Principal Researcher, Kyoto City Zoo)
KANO Fumihiro (Kumamoto Sanctuary / Program-Specific Associate Professor, Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study)
YOSHIDA Nobuaki (Chief researcher, ASTEM RI / KYOTO)
IKKATAI Yuko (Project researcher, Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo)
IWAKI Akihisa (Associate Professor, The Department of Cultural Design, Kindai University)
Open to all
Ticket and Price
Free * Admission fee to the zoo applies
Equipment provision
Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.
Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study/ Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University
Talk & Discussion

This program is postponed. (New schedule: TBC)
Information about the rescheduling of the program will be announced later on this website.

Artists and researchers involved in the creation and research of this program will discuss in detail the making of the work behind the scenes, as well as the reactions of the chimpanzees and humans in the experiment.
  • Date and Hours : 2020.3.28 (Sat) 15:30 ~ 17:00
  • Venue : Lecture Room, Kyoto City Zoo
  • Audience : Open to all
  • Ticket and Price : Free (Admission fee to the zoo is applies.)
  • Booking : Required (Seats are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Some seats are available at the door on the day.)
  • How to Book : KYOTO STEAM – International Arts x Science Festival – Executive Committee
  • Booking Opens : January 9 (Thu)~ March 27 (Fri)
  • Seats : 80 seats