Art × Food Market

In response to the latest developments with COVID-19, we have decided to cancel this program. Although we regret for the change, the safety and wellbeing of our audience, performers, and all others are our priority.

2019 Art × Food Market

Considering the Arts x Science/Technology theme through the medium of Japanese culinary culture, which is now receiving attention from overseas, we carry out various programs. We welcome you to a variety of programs, enjoyable by both adults and children, such as antique market, workshops and symposiums on food and art, as well as the Nippon Market, where you can taste Japan’s local cuisine. The participants are invited to use their five senses to reconsider the rich nature of Japan through its culinary culture, thus deepening their understanding of the artistic and scientific aspects of food.

Gourmet Booth

We provide a space where Kyoto locals as well as visitors can both enjoy the current Kyoto cuisine at booths of Kyoto’s popular shops. Dishes range from Kyoto vegetable-meister’s lunch boxes to Italian deli with plenty of seasonal vegetables and many others.


A cross-disciplinary talk session on “Food” will be given by various guest speakers, including practitioners of sustainable agriculture and scholars studying the relationship between food and art. We invite our audience to think about what “culinary culture” is and the future and possibilities of it, which is rooted in natural features.

Workshop / Event

We will hold workshops where children can have Art x Science experiences and events where they can get closer to Kyoto’s traditional culture as well as food culture. By creating robot-type art works from familiar, everyday objects, and expressing themselves from various aspects, such as music, letters, pictures, and dances, these workshops are fun and imagination-enriching.

Dates and Hours
2020.3.28 (Sat) / 3.29 (Sun) 9:00 ~ 16:00
(Certain programs may last until 16:30.)
ROHM Theatre Kyoto ROHM Square / Okazaki Park / and others
Open to all
(Age restrictions may apply to certain programs.)
Ticket and Price
(Charge may apply to certain programs.)
Not required
(Certain programs may require booking.)
Kyotofu Fujino Co., Ltd. / YAMAOKA HAKUCHIKUDO CO., LTD. /
Executive Committee of Kyoto Heian Antique Market
Programs may be altered or cancelled due to weather conditions or other various reasons.
Further information about programs will be announced on our website later.