Classic Literature × Traditional Arts × New TechnologyShinsarugakuki ~ cirque de kyoto ~

In response to the latest developments with COVID-19, this performance program will be converted to a video work, and will be presented to our audience on this site later. Although we regret for this change, the safety and wellbeing of our audience, performers, and all others are our priority.

Classic Literature × Traditional Arts × New Technology Shinsarugakuki ~ cirque de kyoto ~Work-in-progress Performance in 2019

The Performance program showcasing the results of the Shinsarugakuki Creation first launched in 2018 will be further developed by the inheritors of traditional performing arts, Japanese and French performers, collaborating with enterprises of various technologies. The new performance Shinsarugakuki~cirque de kyoto~ depicts the original cultural creation process of Kyoto inspired by Shinsarugakuki written by Fujiwara no Akihira during the mid-Heian period. It expresses the high entertainment value of the present day performance that finds its roots in the popular entertainment form of Sarugaku.

Download the Flyer(PDF : 3.52MB)
Date and Hours
2020.3.29 (Sun)
Doors Open : 12:15 Performance Starts : 13:00 /
Doors Open : 16:15 Performance Starts : 17:00* Registration starts when doors open.
* Performance lasts for 90 minutes.
Main Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
[ Director ]
[ Stage Lighting ]
Pascal Laajili
[ Music ]
MIHARA Tomoyuki / INABA Akinori / YAMAMOTO Kyōji (Special appearance)
[ Performing Art Supervision ]
[ Circus Direction ]
[ Performer ]
OGASAWARA Tadashi / OGASAWARA Hiroaki / Eric de Sarria / Nancy Rusek / YOSHIMOTO Yumi / AOYAMA Ikuhiko
Croissant Circus : SHIMIZU Hisao / Tottsu / Iharatsu Tom / HANABI / KENTA / YOSIKAWA Kento / MEGURO Yōsuke / hachiro / KUROBE Miyako / Kamigamo Yasuraiodori Preservation Society
13:00 ~ Open to all / 17:00 ~ Elementary School Age +
Ticket and Price
Reserved seats Only 1,000 JPY; Free Entry for junior high school age and below

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Ticket refund is available from Mar. 17(Tue) to Mar. 30 (Mon), 2020.

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For inquiry about the refund
ROHM Theatre Kyoto
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Executive Committee of KYOTO STEAM − International Arts × Science Festival −
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Booking Opens
12.14 (Sat) ~
1300 seats per performance
Izutsu Inc. / Hidaka Washi Co., Ltd / Kamigamo Yasuraiodori Preservation Society