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This project engages in actualizing the very process of creating culture, which the people of Kyoto have been undertaking since the Heian period a thousand years ago. This is done through producing the distinctively Kyoto style of modern performance that is Cirque de Kyoto, which utilizes the highly entertainment qualities of sarugaku, a traditional theater form to which Japanese popular performing arts continuing today trace their roots.

Against a backdrop of a lyrical story inspired by the Ryojinhisho, an anthology of Japanese poems compiled by Emperor Go-Shirakawa during the Heian period, this performance of various circus acts brings out Kyoto’s characteristics by emphasizing the costumes of the time.

This year, a work-in-progress workshop version of the performance is staged ahead of the full performance in 2022.


Saturday, March 27, 2021 / 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. (2 shows)


ROHM Theatre Kyoto (ROHM Square), Okazaki Park


Written and Directed by Takahashi Coh
Assistant Director: Ogasawara Ayano
Traditional Performing Arts Supervisor: Ogasawara Tadashi
Circus Supervisor: QUMIKO
Musicians: Yamamoto Kyoji (special guest), Inaba Akinori, Mihara Tomoyuki, Watanbe, Toyama Takashi, Igaki Akiko
Performers: Ogasawara Tadashi, Croissant Circus (Shimizu Hisao, Tottsu, Kenta, Yoshikawa Kento)
Sound Effects: Takeda Masanori
Costumes: Ochi Satomi
Music: Mihara Tomoyuki, Inaba Akinori,
Yamamoto Kyoji
Stage Manager: Ito Kaoru
Production Coordinators: Yamamoto Nobuyuki, Ogata Shinnosuke
An Izutsu Inc. production


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