Art × Food Market 2019Art × Food Market 2019

This market lets visitors experience the crossover of art, science, and technology—the central theme of KYOTO STEAM—International Arts × Science Festival—through food, crafts, and books familiar from our everyday life.

Along with specialty food and accessory shops, a wide range of programs are available, including workshops open to everyone and a talk that envisions the future of food culture.

Enjoy the market and the balmy spring weather in the Okazaki area.


In Kyoto, the custom of leisurely enjoying a drink somewhere, from the tea ceremony to a coffee shop or at home, is rooted in the everyday lives of people. Interpreting this custom as tea-drinking culture, a series of talks introduces Kyoto’s current iteration of this while looking toward the future.


Featuring Kyoto’s traditional industries such as Kyoto-style dyeing, bamboo crafts, and ceramics, this workshop open to everyone young and old aims to create everyday items related to food, such as cloths for wrapping up a lunchbox and tableware. The workshop instructors will first offer insights into the scientific aspects of the materials and manufacturing processes before starting to create the items with participants.


The market features unique cafes as well as many stores selling sweets and special crafts. On Saturday, March 27, the Heian Flea Market brings together antiques from all over the country, while a book market specializing in art and vintage books is also open.


Saturday, March 27–Sunday, March 28, 2021 / 10 a.m.–4 p.m. (some vendors open from 9 a.m.)


ROHM Theatre Kyoto (ROHM Square, Park Plaza), Okazaki Park, etc.


Open to all (age restrictions may apply)


Free (with some exceptions)


Not required (with some exceptions)


Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.

In cooperation with

Executive Committee for the Heian Antique Market, Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design, and Kyoto Municipal Science Center For Youth

The programs are subject to cancellation or change due to weather conditions and other unexpected events. Program details will be announced on this website.