Maiko dance performance 

On Sunday, December 26 from 1 p.m., a dance performance by maiko (apprentice geisha) from Pontocho, one of the five hanamachi geisha districts in Kyoto, will be presented.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in-person stage performances have been reduced in scale or canceled, meaning that opportunities for maiko to perform have been lost for a long time. Please enjoy a performance by maiko who have continued to devote themselves to dance.

NAQUYO—The Visionary Universe of Heian-kyo: Trailer of December live performance now online

A trailer for NAQUYO Immersive Sound Live Performance, which takes place on December 25, is now available to watch online.

Get ready for the birth of an unprecedented art performance that is a fusion of cutting-edge electronic music, digital art, gagaku (classical Japanese court music), and contemporary dance, and all based on a uniquely Kyoto-style approach to cultural research. Watch the video here.

Art and Science in Kyoto City Zoo “Sensing the Feelings of a Chimpanzee Through Art”: Video now online

A video about the Sensing the Feelings of a Chimpanzee Through Art project (now entering its fourth year) is available to watch online.

Watch highlights of the chimpanzees’ behavior over the course of the project’s tests and the preparation for the exhibition in December, in addition to hearing from the artists and scientists involved.

Watch the video here (Japanese only).